Metalicus clothing from Zeinert & Zeinert

Whilst playing with stocking fabric in 1992, Melbourne designer Melma Hamersfeld stumbled upon a bodywear concept that became the Metalicus fashion brand. Over the last couple of decades, they have evolved to become a leading Australian lifestyle brand most famous for its technical innovation and designs that combine classic sophistication with a modern taste.

Zeinert & Zeinert offer Metalicus clothing on sale on our online store. We stock the finest range of feminine fashion wear that is certain to capture your attention. Showcasing a selection of comfortable and flattering items Metalicus focus on soft tailoring for a beautiful structure and two-way stretch capability. The brand manufactures their clothing using certified organic cotton and recycled fabric nylon. With soft cotton, cosy wool and heavy nylon playing individual parts in the look and feel of the Metalicus garments you’ll feel fabulous every time you put one on. From their headquarters down in Melbourne, the Metalicus design team create styles that can be layered on top or worn as simple basics on their own. Choosing the finest fabric is at the heart of what they do. Opting for quality manufacturing using fine merino wool alongside other deluxe blends is a fundamental part of the brand. Zeinert & Zeinert offer you an outstanding selection of elegant dresses, beautiful tops, leggings, skirts and everything in between. Your wardrobe won’t know what’s hit it.

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